Introduction to Christopher Self Osteopathic practice 

On your first visit, Chris will take a comprehensive case history of your problem, when it started and its effect on your everyday life. 
Chris will want to know about your general health, history of trauma and general health, with an aim of understanding the cause of the issue. 

Discovering a little of the "story" about what you and your body have been through to get here. 

Following this Chris will examine your standing posture and observe the movements which may be causing you problems. While you are lying comfortably he will assess the range, ease and comfort of the joints building an individual picture. 
The muscles tendons and ligaments involved will be examined for tension, tightness and inflammation. Other tests maybe carried out including nerves and clinical examinations. This evaluation will enable Chris to discuss with you a diagnosis and if necessary contact your GP for further tests. 
Appropriate treatment will be carried out to start resorting better health. This will involve gently putting hands on some parts of the body to "listen" to the tissues and better understand the strain patterns and how the body is dealing with resolving them. 
Diagnosis and treatment considers not just the primary symptom but evaluating underlying factors. Diagnosis can be divided into 2: 
Firstly what is causing the current symptom or pain, ligament, muscle, inter vertebral disc. 
Secondly what has caused this problem to develop? This is very important, because trying to understand why it has developed the treatment is more likely to be effective in preventing future occurrences. 

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The cause can often be found to be persistent effects of one ore more old accidents/injuries that the body is struggling to accommodate. It is important that the patient understands as much as possible about their problem so that the osteopath and patient can work together in improving their all round health. 
Treatment is aimed at: 
Relief of current symptoms 
Treatment of the identified underlying cause 
Rehabilitation which may include advise about lifestyle of exercise 
The examination and treatment are both gentle and all parts of the body maybe considered, because the cause of the problem is often distant from the area of symptoms. for example, do not be surprised if you come in for headaches and find your osteopath is spending time releasing stresses and strains in your pelvis. 
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